1.What is Pub Crawl Shanghai?

Pub Crawl Shanghai is a nightlife tour which brings people together to visit the best bars and clubs in Shanghai. Each crawl, we visit 3 bars and a club, with an hour of open bar at our first bar, big discounts in the other bars, and free drinks in the club at the end.

2.Where does crawl meet?

Pub Crawl meets at Bar Gatsby every Saturday at 9:30pm. You can find a map here as well as metro directions and addresses.

3. How much is it?

Prepay online: 100RMB/standard ticket, does not include open bar or 200RMB/VIP ticket, which includes 1 hour open bar.

Pay at the door: 150RMB/standard ticket, does not include open bar or 250 RMB/VIP ticket, which includes 1 hour open bar.

4. How do I pay?

The best way is to prepay online. You’ll get a discount and be able to skip the lines at registration. Alternatively reserve online and then pay in cash upon arrival. Prepay or reserve online here.

5. Can I just turn up at the door?

Yes, although the walk-in price is higher and we can‘t guarantee that there’ll be places available on the bus.

6. Which bars do we visit?

We keep the bars a secret, as everybody loves a nice surprise! We visit different bars every week to keep the crawl fresh, and we love going to great bars that are a little off the beaten track as well as some of the more popular nightspots in town. Come along and find out!

7. Is there a dress code?

In this city, pretty much anything goes. Guys, please avoid shorts and flip-flops to avoid problems at the clubs. Dress code is ultimately at each of the venues’ discretion and we cannot overturn their decisions.

8. How much money should I bring?

Even for heavy drinkers, crawl shouldn‘t break the bank. The VIP price includes 1 hour totally free beer & mixed drinks, countless shots, and plenty of free drinks at the last club. If you drink two drinks at bars 2 and 3 (and that’s a lot for us!) you’ll only be spending another 100RMB or so on drinks. Add on a little extra for some post-night out grub and a ride home, and that’s all you need!

9. How many people can fit on the bus?

Our biggest bus has a strict capacity of 45 people. If we are expecting more guests, we will order additional buses.

10. How many people normally attend?

Over the last 4 years, our numbers have varied from 1 (that’s right) to 307 people (New Year’s 2014). An average Saturday crawl attracts between 20-100 people depending on season. Check out our weekday crawl for a more intimate experience or if you’re more of a huge party kind of person, make sure to come along to our special themed events.

11. Am I too old/young for crawl? Can I come on my own?

Pub Crawl is for everyone! Over the years, we’ve had happy guests of all ages and nationalities, and each time, we bring together a great group of people all up for having a fantastic time together. Of course, however, we do not condone underage drinking.

12. Do you ever cancel crawl?

On the rare occasions when we don’t have enough reservations, unfortunately we may have to cancel. If this is the case, then we’ll let you know, offer you a discount for another date, and suggest somewhere to go instead. If the numbers are low, we might plan a walking crawl instead, which is just as fun!

13. Can I get a t-shirt?

Buy one online, either on its own or with a Pub Crawl ticket, or on the night.